Science of The Labs

Business Design Workshops

1-2 days

Lean Canvas,
Business Model Canvas,
Value Proposition Canvas,
Minimum Viable Segment

D·Labs Business Developer and Product Manager

You and your core team All the research, brief, knowledge and energy

User Discovery Workshops & Sessions

3-5 days*

User Interviews,
Stakeholder Interviews,
Competition Research, User
Journeys, Personas, Co-design,
Design Principles

D·Labs Product Manager and UX consultant

You and your core team Submit existing research, Access to stakeholders and users

Minimum Viable Product Design Sessions

1-3 weeks

Visual Design

We provide A UX Team

You provide Lots of feedback and Dry cake

System Design Sessions

1 week

Epic Workshop
Technical Architecture
3rd party services
Programming Language
Infrastructure Demands

We provide A Team of Dev Experts

You provide Detailed insight for Devs

Setup & due Diligence Sessions

2 days

Team structure,
JIRA setup

We provide A Team of Experts

You provide Your Business Roadmap

MVP Development

2-6 months

UX Sprints,
Dev Sprints,
Cont. estimations,
Usability testing

We provide Development team, Product Manager

You provide Feedback, guidance and support

Lean Continuous Development

1-3 years

We continue together

Transition to Inhouse Team

3-6 months

We Train your Team And you can grow your company independently

D·Big Picture

Business design Product design MVP development Go-To-Market & Pivoting Build your own team Discovery Validation & Efficency Scaling