Engineering Services as a Technical co-founder Partner

We provide dedicated and shared resource teams that provide far more than just engineering and coding. We act more like a co-founder and not just do the execution but also help you set the priorities to get to the market sooner and cheaper. This is our core, bread and butter, service.

Pre-Funding Partner

We regularly come across strong founder teams with a vision in the pre-funding stage.  As a member in a number of startup ecosystems we do our part to ‘pay it forward’. In some rare cases, we even formalize the partnership in this pre-funding stage and invest in parallel with the founding team. We can help prepare technical sections of pitch decks, do technical planning, assist in technical due diligence investor questions, and make introductions to investors.

Tech side Audit / UX Audit

We have recently noticed a pattern of early stage startups that are questioning their technology strategy, choices, and priorities. Is the differentiating technology really unique or important? Is there a faster way to confront the market sooner? Are we overbuilding too early? Is the planned or existing team balanced and setup correctly?  What will financial investors question about my plan?

Dlabs making test offers to do a “tech audit” of sorts.  For now, this service is free of charge for invited companies.

Another variation of this theme is a UX (user experience) audit where we look at design, usability conventions, and conversion rate analytics to identify the opportunity gap.  This tends to be critical because MVP (minimum viable product) often works best with minimal features but full quality UX.

Lean Product Breakout

Sometimes larger, more established companies want to break out with their own disruption.  D.Labs knows how to build businesses out of viable product ideas. When a substantially different technology, customer engagement, ethos, or development strategy is appropriate, D.Labs can fill in the missing experience, technology, design, and capacity gaps. This reduces time to market by as much as 50% as well as increases probability of ROI success. Our baseline working practices follow lean guidelines in practice not just theory. In this way, we provide an injection of this agile culture into your existing teams as well as bring the needed technical skills and capacity.