Project houses and freelance agencies like Upwork can be brutally efficient at standing up a well specified MVP. When you simply don’t have the cash or can’t see a way to get it anytime soon, this approach is often your only hope. This is also a viable approach when you imagine disposable technology and you have a relatively strong internal technical management team to guide the effort. Our clients tend to have clear MVP objectives and have visibility to post-MVP development and growth.

Premium, vendor focused outsourcing companies like GlobalLogic can scale managed engineering teams and integrate them into existing development teams. For mature products or even high growth, late stage startups with strong processes and management, this is usually the optimal solution for outsourced scaling. When the company is more agile and less traditional in its engineering processes, D.Labs is usually the better choice.

When you are able to build and scale engineering teams with little difficulty and/or need heavy investment into industry knowledge, usually internal teams are the optimal strategy. Our startups usually have this industry knowledge on the business side and need disruption and/or execution on the technology side.

You may also need to internalize all engineering if your differentiator is within the technology. Far too often, however, this blanket of “core competency” is over extended. Often, technology is needed to achieve your business idea but technology itself is unlikely to be a sustaining differentiator. In addition, even it is a sustaining differentiator, it usually means that design and control must be internalized and not necessarily all aspects of the actual execution and development. Our clients tend to have breakthrough business ideas that need technology rather than breakthrough technology looking for business needs.